Getting stable for 2024

With the evenings noticeably lighter and longer, thoughts are turning towards what do you want to be doing through spring and into summer. You might be thinking about the garden, an athletic challenge or you might just be thinking about being ready for a busy family summer.

Wherever your aspirations lie this year, chances are that you would benefit from a little more robustness to make the most of 2024. Now is a great time to think about those muscles around your middle usually referred to as ‘core’. The research is unequivocal that endurance in these muscles is protective against back pain, and will add value to your time, whether that’s spent recreationally, in DIY or gardening, or something more athletic.

Why not head over to our previous blog page  where we have written fairly extensively on the types of exercises that the research is suggesting, as well as the pages on breathing, walking, running with couch-to-5k and 10k schedules.

So if you can start to do some simple exercises at home or in the gym through the spring, you can look forward to a healthier, stronger and more productive 2024.

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