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At Lyndhurst Chiropractic Clinic, treatment will fall into one of two types, depending on the nature of your complaint and your own treatment goals. Your treatment type will change as you improve or encounter new problems.

Type 1 - Pain relief

Usually in response to an injury or new complaint, we will diagnose the problem and work to get you out of immediate trouble. If further investigations (X-ray or MRI) are necessary we will arrange them, and if you need to be seen by your GP or another medical specialty we will tell you. Treatment continues as long as you have symptoms, and is usually a fairly short and intensive course. If your symptoms return in the future, we will see you for another course of treatment.

Type 2 - Supportive care

Having made good progress with pain relief, we can work with you to help prevent reoccurrence of your symptoms or the onset of other problems. Just as you might visit your dentist on a regular basis to maintain dental and oral health, periodic checkups and treatment with your chiropractor can help maintain spinal health and mobility. At suitable intervals we take time to discuss any ongoing health issues that may be worrying you, and recheck other health indicators such as blood pressure. Supportive care is concerned with keeping your body working to its full potential, and benefits those with work, lifestyle, sporting or health issues that predispose them to symptoms if allowed to go untreated.

We understand that the best healthcare is individually tailored. We look forward to working with you to find solutions that meet your needs and your goals.

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