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Olivia Boot-Simpson

Olivia Boot Simpson BA(Hons) MSTAT, an Alexander Technique Teacher, discovered the Alexander Technique as an undergraduate music student.

Due to the repetitive nature of learning an instrument and tensions in performance, the Technique is taught in all the UK’s major music and drama colleges.   She learnt to recognise her own tension patterns which interfered with her breathing, state of mind and postural ease in vocal performance, presentation, and perhaps most significantly in her everyday life.  A keen amateur cyclist, Olivia found that the application of Alexander Technique enabled her to cycle up Devon hills with greater ease. When another love, dinghy sailing, was threatened by dislocating shoulders, it was the application of Alexander Technique that gave her the awareness and skills needed to strengthen and recover.

the-society-of-teachers-of-the-alexander-techniqueOlivia completed a three-year, full-time training course at Hampstead Alexander Centre, qualifying in 2000. Her qualification was approved by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique of which she is a full member.

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Olivia Boot-Simpson
Alexander Technique